Friday, February 22, 2013

Fabulous Find: The Ink Nest

So, I've always wanted to be a graphic designer. I debated it when I was in college and second guessed myself because it was an art degree and having to do art formerly made me so nervous. I have secretly always regretted not doing graphic design. I am constantly in awe of the digital beauty created by graphic designers. For the last four years, I worked in marketing and I loved working closely with the designers to produce catalogs, collateral, etc. They were probably so annoyed with me because I was always at their computers watching them work. One of these days I will buy the Adobe Creative Suite and learn how to create beauty on a computer. In the meantime, I am lucky that there are some options for those of us who don't have Adobe. I just discovered a pretty cool site to help me out a little in a beautiful way. It's called The Ink Nest and they have the cutest designs and clip art you can purchase for around $8 per set and use personally or on your blog. There are already a few I would like to purchase for artwork in my kids room, for card making or just about anything. The designs are so fun, unique and fabulous in every way. What a brilliant concept! Here are a few of my favorite designs, now just to figure out what I want to do with them . . . 

Have a great weekend!

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