Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Paisley's Room

We just finished a remodel project in our basement. To make room for baby, we moved our older kids downstairs. We added a bedroom and a bathroom and I'm so happy with how everything turned out! It was our first real project on our house and it made me excited to do more. I've started a list for the house, now just to come up with the moo-la to do it all! Moving the kiddos downstairs required a little redecorating of their rooms 
and several DIY projects. I finally have pics to share of their rooms 
and the how to's (in coming days) on the projects. First up is Paisley's room, enjoy!

Here is Paisley's room. It's hard to get a good photo of her entire room because it's slightly L-shaped. The letters for her name were unfinished wood letters purchased from a local craft store and covered with scrapbook paper using Mod Podge. I found the best new Command strips to hang these. I've used the Command hooks forever, but there are these new velcro strips you can use to hang picture frames and they worked perfect for the letters without having to hang a ledge or put a million nail holes in the new sheetrock. The light was a vintage light purchased from the local want-ads, which I spruced up a bit. I'll show the before photos later this week.

Her bedding was all purchased from HomeGoods a couple of years ago, except for the bedskirt which I made from some vintage looking chenille fabric. All of these prints are a little wild & bright, but it totally fits Paisley's personality. She is one fun-spirited 10 year old! 

Her drapes were made with discount fabric purchased at Home Fabrics, a local home decor fabric store for $5/ yd. Her desk and chair are both from Ikea.

 For Christmas this past year, Paisley was asking for the reading tent from Land of Nod, but I just couldn't fork out the almost $200 to purchase, so I did the next best thing. I rummaged through my fabric stash and made her one. It's a little mis-matched and not perfect, but I think it adds to the same look as the rest of her room. She loved it and I loved making it for her for a fraction of the Land of Nod version.

 Paisley is my little collector. She loves her treasures and has a hard time parting with any of them so we definitely had to have a place to keep them looking their best. This Ikea bookshelf was the perfect purchase to keep her treasures organized. 

Paisley had a lot of pictures and posters she wanted to hang and was a little disappointed we didn't hang them all. I tried to pull out ones that had special meaning, matched her room and looked good together. I think we came up with a good mix for her gallery wall. 

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