Monday, March 4, 2013

Pinterest Recipe Pins

One of my favorite things to pin is food. How does one resist those amazing images, especially when hungry? So, we have all pinned a lot of recipes, but how many have we actually tried? It's always a little scary to try a new recipe, especially without knowing if it's good. A good visual image doesn't always equal yummy food as I've found out the hard way.   I'd like to share my recent faves and would love to hear from you on on any you have tried that are just as yummy!

1) Balsamic pulled beef french dip sandwiches: these were so yummy and easy to make. You literally just through everything in the slow cooker. the The leftovers are even better!
2) Dill tuna salad: This is so much better than plain tuna and makes a great lunch sandwich!
3) Chicken Masala: My husband is a huge fan of Indian food and loved this recipe.
4) Roasted Tomato, Feta & lentils: This is so healthy & tastes great.
5) Avocado & sun dried tomato quesadillas: This one was also a great lunch option for a cold wintry day. 
6) Shrimp & quinoa spring rolls: These were so yummy and again healthy! We loved the dipping sauce.
7) Tomato tortellini soup: I don't know about how healthy this one is if you're trying to lose weight, but it was a great use for Costco tortellini. It was a nice warm & hearty soup for a snowy night.

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