Thursday, March 7, 2013

Vintage Light Fixture Makeover

Paisley's light fixture was my favorite DIY in her room. I found this ugly old green fixture on our local online classifieds and immediately saw potential. However, when Paisley saw it, she was worried! I paid $40 for a set of two chandeliers. Below is what it looked like before I got my hands on it. My first step was adding some beads for more texture. I purchased wooden beads at Hobby lobby and wired them on along the spines that go down. Once they were secure, I spray painted the whole thing with Krylon watermelon pink. I had to spray a couple of coats to get full coverage and that was it! Pretty easy for a cute and unique fixture. We all love how it turned out. It has so much more character than a basic Home Depot ceiling mount.

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