Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Decorating

There are amazing Christmas displays everywhere. I took the photos above at Jolley Pharmacy in Salt Lake City on 1300 South. They always do such a beautiful job on their displays year round but especially at Christmas time. They have darling ornaments and Christmas decor.

My second stop was Anthropologie and they are known for their displays. These pictures don't do them justice. If you're down at City Creek, you have to stop in and see for yourself. Anthropologie has the most unique and amazing merchandise of any store. I could just walk around their store for hours looking at everything. Their Christmas selection this year does not disappoint. There are some stockings I have my eye on, but I'm just not so sure about dropping $300 on stockings, so I may just have to come up with my own version. Keep your eye out for that post . . . happy decorating!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Cards 2013

I've been working on Christmas cards for this year, determined to get them done earlier this time. I've purchased them in the past from Tiny Prints, Etsy & Walmart and I've actually always been happy. There are two things I wanted to do differently this year, one was to have them printed on metallic paper and two was to design my own. These are both tricky to accomplish because I am frugal, I didn't want to spend more than $1.00 to $1.25 per card and the other challenge was that I don't have a legitimate design program. Well, I'm happy to say that with a little time and research, I was able to accomplish both. I designed them in Keynote and am having them printed at Persnickety Prints. I've heard so many good things about Persnickety and I'm excited to try them out. Now just deciding on which one to go with will be the challenge!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Basement Remodel

We are finally making plans to finish our basement remodel. Last year we remodeled half of our basement to make room for baby. It literally has a line down the middle, the old carpet butts right up against the new carpet, pretty fancy, right? Well, we have plans to finish it out, likely in the spring. So for right now, I've been dreaming up exactly what I want it to look like. We have a big open room that is L-shaped, with our home office on one end and our main family room at the other end. Big open rooms can be a challenge for design. It leaves a lot of possibilities, but you have to be careful about furniture placement. I have a preview of the design elements and once we complete the project, I'll post before and after photos. For now, you can just dream with me as you look through by project boards . . . 

I purchased two long white desks from Ikea to form a L-shaped desk along a corner wall in the office area. The rattan chairs are Almsta from Ikea. Once I have all of my colors decided, I plan on painting the backs of the chairs either a shade of blue or that orangey-red. The white task lamp is also from Ikea. I made a framed bulletin board similar to the ones at Ballard Designs but for a fraction of the cost! The fabrics shown will be used for window coverings and cushions for the chairs.You can find them here.

Ikea Wall Shelf, Ikea Red Frame, Urban Outfitters Porteur Wall Shelf, Urban Outfitters Little Boxes Wall Organizer, Paper Source Map

I haven't fully decided on this one. I need more storage for all my crafting supplies and I like all three Ikea storage cabinets shown above. My first choice is the red one, but it's only two doors wide, so I think I'll have to go with one of the other styles. The bins are for organizing everything on the inside. I'm having a hard time deciding on that as well. I might just have to pick a couple! I'm still working on what I want the family room to look like, I'll post pics on that as soon as I can.
1) Hemnes Wardrobe
2) Pax Wardrobe
3) Red Hemnes Wardrobe
4) Rugby Stripe Bin
5) Magga Basket
6) Serena & Lily Pandan Bin
7) Land of Nod White Polka Dot Bin
8) Land of Nod Grey Polka Dot Bin

Monday, November 18, 2013

Etsy Shop Open

I worked hard all weekend and finally finished loading all of my baby headbands in my Etsy shop. I opened the shop about a year ago but haven't done the best job marketing and didn't renew items once they expired so there was a lapse in having inventory up. Needless to say, I have darling new items up and ready for purchase. I've designed and made jewelry for years and made the transition to headbands when my baby was born last year. Each piece is one of a kind and handmade and most definitely the perfect jewel for your little one. I was telling my daughter just today how attached I become to these little jewels. It is hard for me to part with them because I fall in love with each piece. I love seeing them on your babes though and that makes it all worth seeing them go. Take a look at the collection, I'll be adding more styles as we near the holiday shopping season. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Zara Baby

Ok, so I may be obsessed, but I can't stand the cuteness in baby fall wardrobe options this year! I've always had a thing for grey and mustard and when I went to Zara to check out their lineup for fall, I was not disappointed. They made sure to include my favorite colors in far too many options! These are a few of my favorite outfit combos, now to make a decision on which one! Happy shopping everyone!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I've Been Up To

As hard as I try, I just can't stay away from creating! I love it and its what makes me happy. To the dismay of my husband, out home is well stocked with crafting supplies for when the urge strikes. I've been designing and making jewelry for as long as I can remember. My mom helped my sister and I start a business when we were girls making safety pin bracelets and that turned into a jewelry company selling to local boutiques. I owe my beginnings to her. Since then it's been hard to turn my back for very long. I continue to design jewelry which has also spread to other accessories. I'm also doing infant headbands and hair bows for girls. I'm doing a few local boutiques here in Utah and need to get my Etsy shop up and running again. I'll keep creating as long as my love for it continues. 

Here's a few pics of what I've been up to . . . 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Chair Re-do

So, I bought these chairs 5-6 years ago at my local thrift store and have been hanging onto them ever since. My husband keeps trying to get rid of them, he just couldn't catch the vision! Well, I finally painted them about a year ago which changed the look dramatically and about a month ago bit the bullet and had them reupholstered. I bought this fabric at Home Fabrics, one of my favorite go-tos for inexpensive home decor fabric. I am so happy with how they turned out, they look so updated and fresh! Now I just need to find the perfect little spot for them. While I decide, my daughter Paisley happily snuck them to her room on loan. She created the cutest little seating area!

Birthday Celebrations

October is a busy birthday month at our house. Mine kicks off the month, and Drue and Porter's both fall at the end. We combined for one party this year and invited friends and family. Of course I didn't end up having time to make all of the cute things I had planned, but the party was a great success. I can't believe my baby is 1 and that my other baby is now 9! I love watching my kids grow into neat little human beings.

I posted about this chalkboard easel not too long ago. It was an afternoon project and I've already used it a ton! It has a permanent spot in my living room and I have plans to start writing weekly quotes or fun messages for the kids. I really love using it for birthdays, holidays and get togethers!

I love how simple these cakes were. My inspiration came from Pinterest for the little washi tape buntings and the sprinkle numbers. I made basic two layer cakes using cake mixes and then frosted with yummy homemade frosting. I did the numbers by cutting them out using an xacto knife and poster board. I then used the poster board as a stencil and placed the sprinkles inside the numbers. I think they turned out pretty cute for simple birthday cakes.

I made this Happy Birthday banner a couple of years ago and pull it out for every birthday at our house. I tried to do in gender neutral so it could be used over and over. I did all of the shapes and letters using a die cut machine at my local scrapbook store. I did the tassels using plastic tablecloths from Zurchers and I think when I have more time I'll add more tassels. I love tassels, I think they're so fun! This was the first time I had made them using anything other than tissue paper, but I wanted it to be easy to store and not get damaged, so the tablecloths were perfect!

The weekend ended with our annual fall photos of the kids. I've only had professional photos done a couple of times because I love photography and capturing the kids in a more casual setting. Drue was in a funk and was refusing to smile until the very end when we got a couple of her classic toothy smiles! I love my three and feel so blessed to be their mom!