Friday, November 1, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

October is a busy birthday month at our house. Mine kicks off the month, and Drue and Porter's both fall at the end. We combined for one party this year and invited friends and family. Of course I didn't end up having time to make all of the cute things I had planned, but the party was a great success. I can't believe my baby is 1 and that my other baby is now 9! I love watching my kids grow into neat little human beings.

I posted about this chalkboard easel not too long ago. It was an afternoon project and I've already used it a ton! It has a permanent spot in my living room and I have plans to start writing weekly quotes or fun messages for the kids. I really love using it for birthdays, holidays and get togethers!

I love how simple these cakes were. My inspiration came from Pinterest for the little washi tape buntings and the sprinkle numbers. I made basic two layer cakes using cake mixes and then frosted with yummy homemade frosting. I did the numbers by cutting them out using an xacto knife and poster board. I then used the poster board as a stencil and placed the sprinkles inside the numbers. I think they turned out pretty cute for simple birthday cakes.

I made this Happy Birthday banner a couple of years ago and pull it out for every birthday at our house. I tried to do in gender neutral so it could be used over and over. I did all of the shapes and letters using a die cut machine at my local scrapbook store. I did the tassels using plastic tablecloths from Zurchers and I think when I have more time I'll add more tassels. I love tassels, I think they're so fun! This was the first time I had made them using anything other than tissue paper, but I wanted it to be easy to store and not get damaged, so the tablecloths were perfect!

The weekend ended with our annual fall photos of the kids. I've only had professional photos done a couple of times because I love photography and capturing the kids in a more casual setting. Drue was in a funk and was refusing to smile until the very end when we got a couple of her classic toothy smiles! I love my three and feel so blessed to be their mom!

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