Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Handmade Holiday: Mason Jars

I love making things. It makes me happy and it's my favorite thing to do. My family doesn't really have a choice but to love it with me. Every Christmas we MAKE. We make neighbor gifts, friend gifts, teachers gifts. . . you name it. This year we had so many fun ideas, it was hard to choose what we were going to make. The kids decided they wanted to make all of their friends the little mason jars with animals on top filled with candy. I first discovered this idea on Pinterest and thought it was darling. You can use these jars for storage, trinkets, candy, crayons, etc. We filled ours with green and white marshmallow striped candy from Zurchers. The kids had such a fun time making and delivering their jars and their friends loved them! I've included a photo tutorial on these, the only thing I left off was to make sure you buy spray paint for plastic or at least do a primer coat before using a regular color. These are so easy, you'll want to make several! I'll be posting several other DIY ideas for gifting coming this week.