Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pinterest DIY Valentine Ideas 2014

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I looked at the calendar the other day and I can't believe Valentines Day is just around the corner! I need to get on it and figure out which valentines my kiddos want to make this year. Growing up, we always made our own valentines, my mom never bought the store bought ones and I have carried on that tradition. Even with a life packed full, I have never been able to bring myself to buy them. There is nothing wrong about buying valentines, I just love and I mean love making them . . . probably more than my kids. When I was young, my mom would get out the construction paper, the doilies, stamps and glitter and we would go to town. These days, however, there are so many fun and clever ideas out there. My Pinterest Valentines round-up from last year is still one of my most popular Pins. So hopefully, you all enjoy the ideas I found for this year! Choosing is always the hardest part . . . 

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