Monday, February 24, 2014

Canvas Watercolor

I recently discovered the work of Paul Ferney on Oh Happy Day and fell in love. He does the most amazing paintings of beaches. In browsing his website, there were at least 5 I would have bought if only I could afford them. I then had a brilliant idea, which often happens when I can't afford something but have my heart set on it. I recently stumbled upon the photo to watercolor method and told myself, I can create something similar to this. I found a great tutorial for Photoshop Elements on YouTube that is definitely worth the 10-12 minutes of watching to learn how to do this. I remembered I had taken a decent photo of Huntington Beach a couple of years ago, that would be perfect for this. The only problem was I took it with my iPhone and there was no way the resolution was good enough to make it a 30x40. I figured I would give it a try and see if when the image was converted to art if the resolution would be better. I have to say after spending a few hours getting the image just how I wanted, I sent it off to Canvas On Demand to have it printed. The resolution was great, so the conversion must have done the job. All the lines were now blurred, but this was how it was meant to look rather than a blurry photograph. I shopped around and Canvas On Demand has amazing deals, especially if you do a quick Google search for coupons. I ordered a 30x40 canvas at 65% off for under $70! I didn't find a deal this good anywhere else and the reviews were all positive! I just got it back last week and it turned out amazing! For $70 and a few hours, I saved thousands of dollars. It's not an original painting, but works within my budget for a similar look. I had this big blank wall in our basement bathroom with an ugly electrical box to cover up and this canvas worked beautifully. The photo I took doesn't do it justice, but you can see my original image and then my converted watercolor. I am definitely going to try this again!