Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Utah Upcoming Markets

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about my visit to the Vintage Whites Markets. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love going to markets whether they are reclaimed items, antiques or handmade goods. This Spring is a busy one in Utah so I decided to make you all a cute list to share and refer to. I have been to the Bijou Market and I've sold my headbands and jewelry in the Salt Lake Art Market for years, so be sure and come by in May. Enjoy and happy treasure hunting!

Crate and Barrel Spring Line

I've always loved Crate & Barrel. I think its more my style than anywhere else. I would love to eventually purchase all my furniture there, but I must save my pennies for that day. I think I am drawn to not only their amazing designs but color, I love color, it makes me happy! I recently strolled through on a trip to the mall and they have beautiful new things just in time for spring. Their store made me long for the warm spring days and summer bbqs. My pictures with my phone won't do their displays justice so if you have a Crate & Barrel near you, you must go in!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Vintage Whites Market

I was watching Brooke Walker on Studio 5 last week and she had someone on who mentioned the Vintage Whites Market in Salt Lake at the Fairgrounds. I had never heard of this event, but after a little research, I knew I wanted to go. I called a friend and we enjoyed the beautiful weather on Saturday while strolling the Vintage Whites Market. I really enjoy going to these type of events because they are so inspiring creatively. There was beauty, color and unique finds everywhere. I'm temped to plan a family trip to Montana this summer to attend their other venue. I love the handrawn chalk signage for the show done by Annie Mertlich, absolutely beauties! I couldn't help myself but snap a few photos while I was there. I left feeling inspired and my little head filled with ideas. I'll definitely be attending this show again!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Etsy Shop New Hair Bows

More spring baby headbands in my Etsy shop! I've had these little gems made for awhile, but it always takes me longer than I think to get them photographed (at the right time of day) and get all of the individual info loaded in the shop. I finally have them up for sale and I have about 50 more designed, now to just get busy making! It looks like I'll have some late night movie marathons in my coming weeks. I love designing and how all of the colors seem to come together just right. I'm a lover of anything colorful (if you can't tell by the fabrics and favorite finds I post about). I grow to love all these little labors of love and it's so hard for me to part with them.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Art Gallery Fabrics

I think I've mentioned this before, but I have tendencies to be a hoarder of craft supplies, especially pretty paper and fabric. I am often asked when buying materials, what I am making? Well, the truth is that I usually have no idea! I just like to buy it up when its pretty and find a project for it later. When I made my baby's bedding, I used a couple of patterns from the Art Gallery collection. They have such unique colors and I really love all of the different prints. So, I was browsing Etsy the other day and came across new fabrics from Art Gallery and I bought several of them. I think I dropped close to $100 and I have no plans for the fabric. I received the stash last week and there are only a couple I don't like. It's always hard purchasing fabric online because it always looks a little different in person. Now that I'm looking at it, one of the color schemes will go great in my new basement. I think I'll make a quilt for the couch out of it! The other fabrics I will probably use to make a couple of sundresses for Drue. Not like she needs any, but they are so darling!