Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Out & About: The Old Flamingo

I'm starting a new series called "Out & About" because one of my favorite things is shopping and taking everything in. It's how I am most inspired in my life: decorating my home, jewelry, projects and gardening. This idea dawned on me as I was Out and About today and I instantly knew it would be a fun one! And now I have a good excuse to go on special errands around town. These posts will be especially cool to those of you who live along the Wasatch Front in Utah. Today, Paisley and I are on the hunt for a new nightstand for her. I bought her one years ago at a local thrift store and I can definitely say, It is done. Our first stop on this hunt was a store called The Old Flamingo in Salt Lake City on 2300 East about halfway in between 33rd South and 39th South. I also had my lovely helper, Miss Drue with me today. It was a girls outing!

Dressed to the nines, nails painted and ready to be Out & About!

How can you not kiss the flamingos out front?

After hunting through everything, this was the only option that might work for Paisley. It 
was $100 though and I would really love to find something less expensive, but the quality
and paint finish was perfect!

We both fell in love with this dresser, the color and style were great! Too
bad Paisley doesn't need a dresser!

Lovely little aqua plant stand or accesory

I thought these were fun. Paisley thought they were totally weird, but I loved 
the pops of color! I'm a sucker for color...

This photo came out a little fuzzy, but this was such a great old iron chandelier. It 
would be really fun on a pitched high ceiling or outdoor porch. I probably would
have bought it if I had such a spot!

Now this little bench really caught my eye a couple of days ago when I was driving by. the curly que
metal detail is just so feminine and cute. Imagine it with a polka dot cushion! And look at the matching table. How cute would that be with potted plants on a porch. I just might have to make a trip back for these two babies!

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