Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Mother In Laws' 70th Birthday Bash

We had a great birthday celebration for Jared's mom in July to celebrate her 70th birthday! We've never thrown her a big bash and figured it was about time. We spent about a month planning and sending out invitations to all of her closest friends and family. It was so making all of the food preparations and decorations. I started by creating a mood board for the general feel and color scheme of the party which helped immensely in the planning phase. Her party was held at a condo clubhouse probably built in the 1970s so there was a lot of brown. Yuck! The fun colors helped kick the vibe up a notch. I made fun birthday banners which were hung by the front door and on the food tables. I have a lovely friend who cut vinyl lettering and huge #70 which we stuck to the wall. I also made a lot of tissue tassels for the entrance and along the large glass sliding doors. I wish I would have had more time to do a layered look like on the mood board, but those tassels seem to take forever! The centerpieces are enameled cheapo glass vases from second hand stores with flowers, succulents in leafed pots and El Pato cans. El Pato has been a family favorite for a long time so I loved being able to add that little touch. I also ran out of time to do the pom pom flowers and the paper feathers, but all in all the party was a success! I've added links on the photos of where to purchase many of the items we used. I will also have a couple of DIY projects to share with everyone in the coming days. In the meantime, enjoy the pics!

 I found the enamel vase idea on Pinterest here. I love how they turned out but they don't hold up with water in them very well. The paint bubbles and peels. It worked fine for a couple of hours but any longer than that and it would have been a real mess! I already had the succulents with silver and gold leafed rims which I made during the holidays.

 The tissue ball garland idea came from Oh Happy Day and the balls themselves were purchased here. They were super easy to tie onto the string and added such a nice pop of color to an otherwise very blah room. The birthday banners are colored card stock cut with gold vinyl letters adhered to them and then strung with accents of gold eyelash yarn and yarn pom poms on the ends.

My friend cut the large 70 from gold vinyl which really helped this otherwise very plain wall. 
This was a fun little candy bar and on the chalkboard are fun facts from the year Betty Carroll was born. The tutorial for when I made this chalkboard is here.

 This is Carroll's brother in law, Dale posing on the entrance porch to the party. I had a couple of colorful balloon topiaries on both sides, but the wind got ahold of them and we couldn't find them anywhere! So the tied helium balloons did the trick.

 Here is a pic of our cute family minus baby Drue. Funny story though … Paisley went home for a swimsuit at the end of the night and decided to bring Drue back to celebrate and left the babysitter hangin' at our house. Needless to say, I wasn't super happy, but Paisley thought she should be at the party too!


 Jared's family: siblings and cousins
 Betty Carroll shown in the center with her siblings
Jared and his mama!