Wednesday, April 29, 2015

We've had a busy couple of weeks at our house full of celebrations! We blessed our baby Stella at church and had all our friends and family over. We love any excuse to host a get together, have lots of laughs and fun. My oldest, Paisley also had a big birthday this week turning 13! I'm having a really hard time believing I have a teenager, someone might have to pinch me! I really don't feel old enough for that.

I made it easy on myself by decorating for the Sunday festivities and leaving them up for birthday celebrations. I made a ton of ombre tissue tassels in shades of pinks, corals and yellows back in July for Jared's mom's birthday and held onto those. It worked out perfectly to use those to decorate. Tissue tassels have been around for awhile now but I am still in love. There are a lot of tutorials out there to make them and I must warn you they take a lot longer than you think to make. I was pleased to see Zurchers is finally offering them for purchase. They may not have the exact colors you are looking for, but if you want to save time, the price is right!

For Stella's special day, I made her invitation using Photoshop Elements and clipart purchased on Etsy. This is my favorite way to make invitations lately, especially when they're being sent out digitally. I usually text them and that way everyone has all the info at their fingertips! I also made Paisley's this same way which I'll show you...keep reading. Back to Stella. Let's just talk about this photo I was able to capture. She just started smiling a week or so ago and can you believe that cute cheek dimple? It's my favorite! She was sweet and happy for the whole thing. We loved having our closest friends and family over to share in her special day.

Paisley's cute friends came over bright and early this morning for a yummy feast of crepes. It was maybe the best birthday shin dig I've ever planned. We got everything ready last night to make things easier on us considering they all arrived at 6:45 am. I loved seeing them chatting, laughing and enjoying each other in the wee morning hours. I can't think of a better way to start a birthday!

My favorite store to purchase wrapping paper is TJ Maxx and Home Goods. They carry unique and colorful prints for reasonable prices. I also like to buy ribbon from Costco and the Ribbon Bazaar. I ordered some satin from the Ribbon Bazaar at Christmas time and I can use it year round. Their prices are amazing and they have beautiful colors.

The celebrations aren't over. We're headed to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and to open presents this evening. I think I'll be ready for a good nights sleep tonight, but in the meantime I'm ready to party with my fun Paisley and the fam!