Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Front Entry: Before & After

Our house has been a slow work in progress, but thats the reality when you have a large family and busy lives. In the five years we've lived here we have done a lot of small simple things to improve the appearance. When we moved in, we pulled out the old carpet, removed all the layers of grandma curtains and stripped the wallpaper. It's amazing what a difference those simple things along with a fresh coat of paint can do for a house! Last year we embarked on helping the curb appeal of our home. I did a post here talking about our options for the front entry. I did end up choosing a different front door because the one I really liked would take 6 weeks to manufacture and install and it was getting close to the winter months. I really like the front door I ended up selecting but sometimes I wish I would have waited and gone with my original pick. I no longer feel embarrassed when I pull up our driveway. I feel happy and that's a good feeling to have! Now to get it painted . . .

I decided the oil rubbed bronze finish was best fit with the style of our home, our neighborhood and kids. I'm really happy I went with this finish. I ordered one of the less expensive lights pictured above and wasn't happy with the finish when I received it, the color looked black and it looked extremely cheap. I searched and searched for another inexpensive option, but ended up biting the bullet and ordering the one I liked the best from Shades of Light. It is a definite beauty. The only complaint I have is that it has a small opening at the top and bugs get in there so we have to take it down from time to time and clean it, but no other complaints. I ordered the mailbox shown and absolutely love it! It looks fantastic on our house! We still have yet to hang the numbers or paint the brick, but everything else is done and I love the more contemporary style it gives our home. Gone are all the granny elements, thank goodness!

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