Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My D.I.Y. Summer Wreath

As I've wrote about before, our home is a constant work in progress. We've been working on making the exterior have a little more curb appeal. We've done just about everything except for paint the brick and it is looking mighty fine! Next week I'll post some progress before and after photos. Until then, our new front door needed a little more sprucing up. I had my eye on a couple of magnolia wreaths but didn't want to drop $100 on a wreath. So I did the next best thing and went looking on Pinterest for some ideas. I was really liking the coffee filter wreaths I saw, but wanted something not quite so poufy! That's when I decided to get to work and make my own version. I'm really happy with how mine turned out and for $3 I can smile a little more. 

So how was this wreath only $3? I wanted a square wreath for something a little more unique. I remembered there were some Little Caesar's pizza boxes in the recycling bin from the night before. I grabbed one of them and cut it with a utility knife, my cutting board and straight edge. I figured out what size I wanted and cut out a square like so . . . 

I then opened my package of coffee filters and began scrunching each one up. I 
only purchased one package of filters and separated each one and then pulled the center
bottom and twisted it (that part is what will be hot glued to the cardboard). Once
I had all of the filters scrunched and twisted, I set them aside and went through my ribbon stash.
I am a hoarder when it comes to pretty paper, ribbon and fabric so I always have those
items on hand. I made sure my ribbons were long and varied in length. I then threaded them around
the cardboard square and knotted them around it. You want to do this before you begin gluing the 
coffee filters on so that they are hidden underneath. You can also do what I did and wait to tie on
the ribbons until you get closer to the bottom side with the filters.

I wish I had taken a pic of what a single scrunched coffee filter looked like, but really
there is no wrong way to do this. Your scrunchiness style will give your wreath more character
and make it unique, which is a good thing. I then hot glued each filter on to the cardboard. I wanted
mine close enough that you couldn't see cardboard showing through but not too dense for it to get 
poufy. Play with it until it looks how you want it too, this is a very forgiving project. I kept gluing
all around the four sides and on top of the ribbon with my knot at the bottom. You can also do a 
bow or have your ribbons hang from the top of the wreath. You'll probably just want to have this
figured out before you start gluing on the filters. Once my wreath was done, I used 3M velcro strips
to hang it on the door because who wants nail holes in a brand new door? I usually buy these at Home
Depot or Target. They are great for hanging virtually anything and are so handy! The only thing I spent money on was the coffee filters. This is the best $3 wreath you can make! I absolutely
love how mine turned out! 

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