Thursday, July 30, 2015

Next Direct Fall Fashion

I love living in Utah because that means I get to buy cute new clothes for my kids at the change of seasons. That also means more money right out the door. Buying clothes is one thing I'm a big sucker for and that I'm willing to spend a little more to have stylish quality pieces to mix and match. Having two little girls means that whatever I buy my toddler, I can hand down to my baby. I want to spend money on quality pieces to last through the years, but they definitely need to be cute too! One of my favorite brands that offers great quality and fashionable styles is Next Direct. I received one of their catalogues in the mail several years ago and thought their styles were amazing for the price. Since then, I always order a few must have items each season. Their quality is amazing and is right up there with Boden and Gap. I've rounded up my favorite styles for transitioning to Fall for baby and toddler girls. So run hurry and order now so you're ready for Fall and before your favorite things sell out!

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