Sunday, July 5, 2015

Utah Valley Parade of Homes

This summer has been so busy! With four kids, it's really hard to find a quiet moment. I've really been missing all my hobbies and personal time. I love creating, writing and designing and I have done very little of it since baby number 4 was born in February. I've had to put personal time on the back burner until I can get back on a regular schedule. I feel like now that Miss Stella is four months, she is sleeping more consistently and I can get more done and back to a regular routine again. To be honest, I've tried to be more relaxed this summer and enjoy each moment with my kiddos. It has been nice to let go, but I find myself craving routine and order. This is the week I'm going to get back to exercise, order, blogging and creating.

I did sneak away with a friend to visit the Utah County Parade of homes a couple weeks ago and loved every house we visited! I wish we had more time to visit all of the homes, but we only made it to 4 or 5. We decided we better not leave all our kiddos home to fend for themselves for too long . . . 11-5 was long enough. I for sure wanted to see the Alice Lane home, the Jade Interiors home and the 4 Chairs Furniture homes. We visited a couple others as well, but my favorite one was definitely the Jade Interiors Home. I've followed Kirsten on Instagram for a couple of years now and have always loved her design style. I was so excited to see it all in person and was not disappointed. I'm looking forward to also visiting the Salt Lake Parade of Homes later this month to see a couple more of Kristen's houses.

Alice Lane Home

4 Chairs Furniture

Jade Interiors

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