Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Great buys from Michaels

I used to frequent craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby all the time until I finally looked myself in the mirror and realized I had a real craft supply hoarding problem and it definitely had to stop. Since then, I have avoided going unless I really needed something. Well, the other day I needed something and ran in Michaels for some darling chalkboards and I was so pleasantly surprised. I first saw these chalkboards on the Instagram feed of @katie_vintage She made the cutest back to school signs for her kids to hold up for their first day of school photos! These were on sale last week for around $8 each. I'm not sure if they are this week, but you could definitely use a coupon. Anyway, back to why I was surprised... It has probably been a good six months since I've stopped by Michaels. I found rows and rows of cute accessories and home decor! I had so much self control, I only bought what I needed plus a couple of super duper sale items. I just have to share pics of what I found. If you see anything you like, I vote run don't walk to your nearest Michaels before someone else snatches it off the shelves. Oh and one other thing, there are always coupons at Michaels and you can pull them up right from your smartphone while waiting in line!

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