Thursday, August 20, 2015

Happy First Day of School

Yay! Today was the first day of school for us and I am full of mixed emotions. On one hand, I feel like we should have had more fun or done more this summer and on the other hand I feel so tired and ready to have a routine and normal bedtime hours! I felt so accomplished this morning that I had a great workout and everyone fed by 8:30. I took a big breath of fresh air. I'm hoping I can get back to a more regular daytime routine too which means more blogging, more projects and a cleaner house! I wouldn't trade being home with the kiddos the last few months though. I realize those moments are ones you can't replace and before I know it my kids will be adults! Time flies way too fast.

I did these cute chalkboard signs from Michaels that I last blogged about with awesome chalk markers. I had never used the chalk markers and I am sold! They were so easy to use, much easier than chalk and I love how they look! Here's to a more productive me and an awesome school year for us all!

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