Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rogers Gardens - Newport

As kids we used to frequent Rogers Gardens in Newport whenever we were in town. I hadn't been there for years and wanted to take a visit with our kids. It was just as magical as I remembered. In fact, it's probably more magical than it was back in the day. It was beautiful and I felt so inspired as I walked through the rows and rows of succulents and lush green plants. It had me wishing I lived in Southern California to have a beautiful garden filled with these very plants. Unfortunately we're a little more limited in our variety in Utah. They also had a large inventory of unique pumpkins, I especially loved the piles white ones. There were a couple of large ones priced at $150 each! I snapped some pics to remember their interesting plant combinations. Next spring I'll try and duplicate some of them. I have such a love for flowers, beautiful gardens, fabric and paper patterns, interior design and jewelry. I am easily inspired by beauty and am so thankful to enjoy the beauty of Gods creations at Rogers Gardens!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

West Elm

I am really loving West Elm lately. I did a post over the summer and can't believe I'm doing another one already. I was in L.A. This week and popped in the location near the Beverly Center. First of all, this store is so cool! It's housed in an old brick building with amazing ceilings and rafters. Some people may not care about boring things like that but it's what I do I just can't help it. Cool. Old. Ceilings. Anyway, Im sure the new project I've been working on is why things like ceilings are on the brain. Ok so after that long ramble, back to West Elm. When I redo my own interiors, someday, I will be buying the majority of furnishings and decor from West Elm. I am in love with the vibe they have going right now. I snapped a few pics in L.A. But if you live near one of their locations, it's definitely worth going in. Enjoy browsing my pics in the meantime....

Real live plant wall inside the store.

Front window display with corn husk wall.

Friday, October 9, 2015

New styles from Paisley Jewels

I've been a busy maker of pretty things these past few weeks hence the lack of posts. I've been working through nap time and into the wee hours of the night on new little jewels to show you. I had two local shows this week and had a great response. I'll be ready to add them to my shop sometime next week. It's now 1:00 am and my 7 month old is teething and refusing sleep and everything else too. So why not write a post while sitting on the couch wishing for sleep?!!!! Enjoy the perks of new styles. And for all you locals, head to the Art Market this weekend. You won't be disappointed.