Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rogers Gardens - Newport

As kids we used to frequent Rogers Gardens in Newport whenever we were in town. I hadn't been there for years and wanted to take a visit with our kids. It was just as magical as I remembered. In fact, it's probably more magical than it was back in the day. It was beautiful and I felt so inspired as I walked through the rows and rows of succulents and lush green plants. It had me wishing I lived in Southern California to have a beautiful garden filled with these very plants. Unfortunately we're a little more limited in our variety in Utah. They also had a large inventory of unique pumpkins, I especially loved the piles white ones. There were a couple of large ones priced at $150 each! I snapped some pics to remember their interesting plant combinations. Next spring I'll try and duplicate some of them. I have such a love for flowers, beautiful gardens, fabric and paper patterns, interior design and jewelry. I am easily inspired by beauty and am so thankful to enjoy the beauty of Gods creations at Rogers Gardens!

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