Thursday, October 15, 2015

West Elm

I am really loving West Elm lately. I did a post over the summer and can't believe I'm doing another one already. I was in L.A. This week and popped in the location near the Beverly Center. First of all, this store is so cool! It's housed in an old brick building with amazing ceilings and rafters. Some people may not care about boring things like that but it's what I do I just can't help it. Cool. Old. Ceilings. Anyway, Im sure the new project I've been working on is why things like ceilings are on the brain. Ok so after that long ramble, back to West Elm. When I redo my own interiors, someday, I will be buying the majority of furnishings and decor from West Elm. I am in love with the vibe they have going right now. I snapped a few pics in L.A. But if you live near one of their locations, it's definitely worth going in. Enjoy browsing my pics in the meantime....

Real live plant wall inside the store.

Front window display with corn husk wall.

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